Perfect couch gag. (via Bartkira)

If you're a fan of cartoons across genres, then this is the perfect mash-up for you. Because there are two genres. Anime this point The Simpsons counts as an entire genre, right? The Bartkira Project consists of over three hundred artists, all working in their own styles, but it's spearheaded by artist James Harvey. The eventual goal is to recreate the original Akira manga: 6 volumes and 2,000 pages.

Casting notices. (via Bartkira)

It's a huge project but they've already made some impressive strides. If you're wondering how they're not getting slapped from every direction with lawsuits, the project is non-profit. And there's also an animated version in the works!

Like looking into a weird, scary mirror. (via Bartkira)

Why these two animated series? Well, Harvey says:

Both pieces depict a world of children at war with adults... Both Bart and Kaneda were avatars for [an] aggressive brand of anti-establishmentarianism—The Simpsons lampooned society with barbed wit while Kaneda's gang literally smashed it with hammers. Both pieces, then, were a massive moment of catharsis for the cultures they sprang out of.

Everything's coming up Milhouse! (via Bartkira)

The project has exhibited in galleries and is showing this weekend for the first time in Japan, at the Gallery Hakusen in Tokyo. So...if you're in Japan, check it out.


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