If anything, the animation's too good.

Upon reading that some guy took the song "Hello" from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's hit Broadway musical The Book of Mormon and laid it over South Park-style animation, you might think that it was just a bunch of clips from the show edited together in such a way that kind of looks like the lyrics are coming out of characters' mouths. You know, like this.

But that is not what this is. This is something much, much better. This is something pretty fantastic. But take a look for yourself:

I have to admit that when I first saw this, I just assumed that Matt & Trey were behind it. I had no idea why they would spend the time making it, but it just looked too good to not come from South Park Studios. But apparently it's not.

Its creator, Simon Chong, makes clear that it is "in absolutely no way affiliated with either South Park or The Book of Mormon," which is kind of amazing. He says it was "made out of a genuine love for both the TV show and the stage musical." That much is pretty clear.


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Simon Chong | h/t redditor ToastieCoastie