And you are quite green about how the Internet works, madam. (via imgur)

Before moving to Cleveland, 26-year-old Diana Mekota sent a feeler out to Kelly Blazek, who runs a jobs bank for marketing professionals in the city. Mekota also sent Blazek an invitation on LinkedIn.

It was a horrible idea.

Blazek responded to Diana's email (below) with the snarkiest, most obnoxious reply ever, telling Mekota "You are quite young and green on how business connections work" and accusing her of having a "sense of entitlement." Blazek warns Mekota not to "ever reach out to senior practitioners again and assume their carefully curated list of connections is available to you" and says "Don't ever write me again."

Yes, why would any young person reach out to a senior member of their profession and ask for help? What a huge taboo. Err...

I also love the implication that Blazek has hand-picked the very best 7,300 marketing professionals in the Cleveland area. Dear me! The other 15 or so must be so insulted!

For the record, here is Diana's original, pretty normal email:

You seem very qualified, you uppity millennial! (via imgur)

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