He finally screamed what's in his heart.

This overindulged brat's name is Nash Grier. Nash Grier is what is called a "Vine Star," which means that a lot of people enjoy watching him scream stuff in between choppy cuts of video in six-second intervals. He's got 8.7 million followers, is represented by 26MGMT management, and probably has a whole bunch of people betting on him stretching his yelling-for-6-seconds-at-a-time thing into a career that will eventually lead to him yelling stuff for 22 minutes at a time on TV, or even for 90 minutes a time in movie theaters. 

Here's why betting on the talents of little kids with Internet fame might not be a great idea (click upper left corner of video for sound):


Nash opened his heart in that little clip earlier this year, but he immediately deleted it, probably under the advisement of his representation who knew they'd have trouble booking a kid who shares the views of a circa-1983 Jerry Falwell. But Vine user MuneralsFab saved it and posted it to his feed in April, and over this weekend, Twitter user Tyler Oakley shared it with his 2.6 million followers. Just another lesson for teenage homophobic celebrities out there: If you tell the Internet you think AIDS is for gays, the Internet will never forget.

Nash Grier is a child, and on a cursory sampling, he seems monstrous, but that goes without saying when dealing with "Vine stars." No one should expect a teenager made famous for screaming on the Internet to be anything but horrible, which is why it's fun to imagine his management and any handlers he may have scrambling behind the scenes to do damage control, since they've bet the bank on a teen who has the sensitivity and intelligence of a splotch of junior high bathroom graffiti.

Of course, this probably won't hurt Nash at all. When your fame is built on having the appeal of a human jack-in-the-box, the audience for that kind of thing might be willing to overlook your social justice failures. Still, we will wait impatiently for Nash to post a Vine of himself screaming "I'm sorry" in between jumpy edits of his friends hammily sobbing or something equally grating to the senses. 

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: BuzzFeed