Your lack of faith in instant probably-gonna-turn-out-to-be-marketing memes disturbs me.

Well, it might all be subliminal propaganda for Chik-fil-A (see below), but it doesn't mean that non-shills didn't end up making some pretty cool pictures, and at least for the guy in the picture at top, a new t-shirt. So let's honor the real heroes, the people who let themselves be strangled to death by the Force for the sake of some really fun pictures and some meaningless social network points.

Vader was well known for drinking well-placed branded soft drinks during a hard kill.

We like this a lot better with actual nerds.

OK, now your look of dreamy happiness while being strangled is what disturbs me.

"I've been paid minimum wage to do this at kids' parties long before it was a meme." 

That's it, use your anger! Yes, you want your bottle back! Yes. You. Do.

By the tattoos, we'd have to say this is some Darth-on-Darth violence.

Someone get that insurance commercial guy to get in here & ask if two are better than one.

What they lack in accuracy, they make up for in actually believing it's real for a few seconds.


This had better be a very good camera trick.

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