"Deep down, I know you're never jumping in this Ford Escape, girl!"

Rumor has it, once, at some undefined point in the relatively recent past, a man successfully enticed a woman stranger he had encountered on the street into joining him in a romantic relationship by sticking his torso out the passenger-side window of his friend's car and yelling a somewhat complimentary proclamation about her boobs. Granted, we don't know where this happened. Or when it happened. We don't know the circumstances, or the woman's mental state at the moment of engagement, or the level of ugliness of the man's face. We don't even know if it really happened.

However, this possibly apocryphal anecdote serves as incentive enough to keep generations of men across the globe in the business of making asses out of themselves on the street, as can been seen in this video. While you probably won't see many men being quite so honest in their actual endeavors, rest assured that this is pretty much exactly what they're really saying:

(by Dennis DiClaudio)


Sources: BuzzFeed