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You've probably heard vegetarians say they would never eat something that had a face. This is why. Zoe Butler was innocently opening a can of tuna, the mashed and compacted meat of animals that once had a face, to be confronted by this little guy.

Don't look at me! (via Nottingham Post)

She reacted with the appropriate level of horror that an animal she hadn't planned to eat was inside her food and complained to Princes Tuna. Princes has apologized and said they're investigating. Investigating is code for covering up a conspiracy of Roswellian proportions.


To be fair, no one should be forced to eat anything they don't want to, whether it's tuna meat or the meat of an unidentified water monster. It's the not knowing that seems to be bothering Ms. Butler, so here are some possibilities: A mermaid embryo. A magical bean. An alien/rainbow trout love child. The secret ingredient. Suggestions?

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