This is your house. This is your house on meth. (via Vocativ)

University District, Seattle residents Brian and Bridget O'Neill came home late Wednesday night to find that their condo had been possessed.

Clothes were scattered all over the floor, junk mail ripped open, and all the household electronics were piled precariously on their bed. The soles of over 20 pairs of shoes had been ripped out. Lotion covered the doorknobs, a paint can was tipped over on the toilet, and a single screw had been screwed into a piece of scrap wood and then jammed through a door hinge. 

None of their belongings appeared to have been stolen.

When police were called, they found no sign of a forced entry, and when they dusted for fingerprints they came up with nothing. The only bit of evidence they found was a purse found on the bed with an ID belonging to a 27-year-old woman. Police suggested that if a person had entered the home, the only way it could have been done was by shimmying up a tree and climbing in through a window. 

With nothing to go on, the police left the O'Neills to collect their wits and pick up the mess. 

Sources: Vocativ