There's an old saying that people get the face they deserve at age 50. 
Way to get there 
in record time, kid, and getting a chest to match. (via)

If the children are our future, we are screwed. This...person...who is apparently Facebook friends with redditor dewbear, is very proud of having been born in 1995. Of course, why wouldn't you be super proud of having been born during a momentous year that is best remembered for the dawn of AOL and Netscape, and, uh, oh yeah—a nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway? I mean, all anyone has been able to talk about for years was how great 1995 was. 

Or maybe he's just a big fan of old buildings and businesses, and he hopes that when he's over 80 years old or so, it'll start looking really impressive. Has anyone explained to him that he can just get the tattoo then, and skip the part where it makes the business look like it's trying too hard and just emphasizes how young it is?

I mean, has anyone ever given this kid any kind of advice on anything? Has he even checked out our list of amazingly clever tattoos (that we're still glad we don't have)?

In conclusion, this kid sucks, and 1985 rocks. 

(by Johnny McNulty)

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