Finally, a Google Chrome extension that offers a way to see the truth.

Here's the most recent news on "Snake People."

A brilliant (I'm guessing) Gen-Xer named Eric W. Bailey has come up with a Google Chrome extension that changes every instance of the term "Millennial" to "Snake People." You know, when you're sick of thinking that the younger generation is sexier, smarter, and cooler than you, you can always use your old-man non-mobile desktop computer to see them through a different lens.

Here's just one beautiful example:

I hope they haven't Googled their own names recently.
(screengrab from Mashable)

Here's a link so you too can join in the Millennial bashing. Though be forewarned: because of all their anti-bullying training, name-calling only makes them stronger.


If only there were a way to replace every instance of someone on Good Morning America explaining some new piece of "Snake People" slang with a voice telling you to change the channel.

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