#Mistakes (Via)

When your trademark imagery is half-naked maybe-runaways looking frightened by a Polaroid flash, it's pretty tough to find a way to cross the line. American Apparel pulled it off just before America sunk deep into July 4th festivity when, according to their subsequent apology, one of their "unaware" social media employees reblogged a pic of the space shuttle Challenger explosion on the company's Tumblr page without realizing what it was.

The employee found it on the Tumblr of a designer and then shared the image to AA's followers, adding the tags #smoke and #clouds. Fans of plunging v-necks and silver leggings need their smoke and cloud pics yesterday, no time to reverse Google image search!

American Apparel later tweeted out the apology below, something they were probably hoping they wouldn't have to do anymore after ousting pervy company CEO Dov Charney.

Hopefully they can get back to sharing pics with more care and sensitivity, like so:


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: ABC News