Just look at the perfectly spaced beauty of these 2.5 cm cubes of raw foods. LOOK.

I never thought I could feel so satisfied by food without actually eating it.
(via Lernert & Sander)

From now on, when I do a guided meditation and the guide tells me to think of a place where I am happy, it's going to be this photograph from design firm Lernert & Sander. Created for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant in 2014, the picture features 98 foods cut into perfect little 2.5cm squares.

That TV show Satisfaction should be about these cubes instead of a marriage falling apart. (via Lernert & Sander)

Unsatisfied with your job? Make your job staring at these cubes! (via Lernert & Sander)

Hey, Mick Jagger! You're probably expecting me to make a joke about your song "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," but I am better than that, so I'm just using this photo caption to say hi. Hi, Mick! (via Lernert & Sander)


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