I need to get an internship at Hamelin, STAT.

If you did not get a degree in coding or web development, go back to school. If you are currently pursuing a degree and it is not for one of those things, change majors. If you are a little baby, forget about becoming a cowboy or an astronaut. By the time you grow up, there will be no more cows and there is already no more space program. All there is for you is websites and apps, and you need to start learning how to code now. NOW!!!


While many college internships offer valuable experience and exposure (read: unpaid), and others generously grant a stipend the cost of a monthly public bus pass (but not the vaccines you will need to safely take the bus), those in the web development field make enough in one month of interning to send a family of four on a tour of Europe by boat.

here is a list, compiled by Jessica Shu, posted to the Facebook page Hackathon Hackers (an "online space for hackers across the globe to connect and spread the hackathon spirit... united by the common love of creating amazing things with technology"), that is designed to help students during salary negotiations when hunting for internships. Remember, these are for people who have not even graduated yet.

Sources: h/t Gawker