This may be a stock photo, but anyone who's ever called Comcast knows that it sends you to a very special Hell even uglier than that wallpaper.

Here's an important lesson for you: record every single call you make with large companies. It's the only chance you have to protect yourself from having your money stolen, especially by cable/Internet cartels like Comcast. We learned this last month when the world was shocked by a customer trying to leave his contract with Comcast, who was harassed by a "customer retention" representative who tried to force him to stay.

Tim Davis must have also learned a lesson from that recording, because when he called Comcast for service recently, he made sure to tape it. It was the only thing that stopped Comcast from just inventing charges and taking $180 from him for repairing a connection that they had messed up in the first place. He moved apartments, and brought with him his Comcast modem (he wanted to switch companies, but of course there were no other options), only to discover that there was a problem on Comcast's end with the Internet connection. They said they'd send someone out for free. Someone came out. It was not for free—they made up a bunch of charges blaming him for the problems, totaling $182. I'd describe it more but I'm already too full of rage. Skip to 2:30 if you don't want to hear the set-up to the story.