"Wow! Wow! Wow. F*ck me."

"Well, I guess this is as far as we go today." - me, if this was me.

Sometimes, nature can be so beautiful it leaves you at a loss for words. Sometimes, it explodes without warning with the force of a nuclear bomb. On those occasions, words are usually easier to find. They're also usually more profane. That was the case with hiker Walter Witt, who was on the slopes of Calbuco when it suddenly erupted last week. Although lots of great footage of the eruption was released immediately, none were as close as Witt:


In his YouTube description, Witt defends himself against those who ask why he didn't keep filming longer. Due to some language difficulties, I'll paraphrase his answer: "I was standing on an exploding volcano with no one around in an unfamiliar wilderness setting and I had 15% battery left on my phone. I figured it was time to go." Sounds like a sensible decision.

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