"Do you know if Uber cars are sofa-sized?"

This family attempting to stuff a large sofa into their tiny car is so nuts that, after watching for several minutes, I started to suspect the whole thing is part of a viral marketing campaign for a moving company, or plastic garbage bins, or black and orange parachute pants -- something! Because any of those scenarios make more sense than one where a group of adults are unable to figure out that the large sofa they were moving wasn't going to fit into a car the size of a reclining chair.

The fact that the guy across the street is filming them means they must have been at this for some time before the guy thought to start recording. Because I can't believe he saw a random family carrying a couch out of a building and yelled "Where's my camera!" Which means that by the time we see them, they should have already figured out that they were performing the furniture-moving version of Chris Farley's Fat Guy in a Little Coat routine.

The guy who shot the video was obviously trying to stay out of it, because he manages to film silently for nearly three minutes before blurting out, "For God's sake, admit it, the car's too small." What's really crazy is that he snapped before the guy trying to move the couch. 


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Huffington Post