Finally, someone acknowledges what I've felt my whole life.

Apparently, a lot of people tweet at J.K. Rowling asking where their Hogwarts admission letter is. Over the weekend, she tweeted that we all did get the letter and attended Hogwarts together. Thank you! I knew I wasn't meant to be living among all these sad little muggles with their boring problems and constant complaining about online dating. Remind me, what house did the Sorting Hat put me in again?

Immediately after the tweet, Rowling backtracked a little bit and made it seem like she was talking tweeting in a metaphorical sense. Like, that by reading the books, we "went to Hogwarts." You know, in our imaginations.


I don't know, Rowling. I feel like I was really there. My Patronus was a baby goat on a trampoline.

Sources: h/t Mashable