Avoid Honduras during the busy, year-round homicide season.

Latin America is experiencing a heat wave of homicides, but lets take a look at your 10 day forecast.
(via News.co.au)

If you're looking to get away this summer, see the world, and come home alive, do a little pre-vacation research with the Homicide Monitor. Using all available comprehensive data on homicide rates around the world, the Homicide Monitor can show you just how likely it is to end up dead by another man's hand anywhere in the world.

The Homicide Monitor was created by Brazilian research group Igarapé Institute. According to the map's data, Honduras is the most homicidal country on earth, with 85.5 in every 100,000 people killed in 2012. The least homicidal country in 2012, according to the map, was Monaco, with not a single murder.


Creating a world-spanning map of death does have some usefulness besides fueling your latent xenophobia. The map reveals a lot of concerning details, particularly that half of murders on record around the world are committed with firearms. Seeing the trends of data over time, as well as how the crime rates compare worldwide, can help find the troubled places on earth. Perhaps the official governments of Latin America—particularly Honduras—are less than eager to publicize such shocking data. Now that the information can get out, hopefully we can find a way to stop shooting each other so much.

Sources: News.co.au