Oh hai!

It's becoming clear that director Tatia Pilieva really, really hates dating. Pilieva is the director behind First Kiss, the viral clip featuring twenty strangers kissing each other immediately after being introduced. Now she's back with the next logical step in her quest for instant intimacy. "Undress Me" features twenty strangers meeting for the first time, and then immediately taking each other's clothes off and getting into bed together.

No dinner. No drinks. No, "So where were you on 9/11?" Just make with the unzipping.

Since everyone on the Internet felt personally violated when they discovered that "First Kiss" was a promo video for a clothing line (and not a documentary I guess?) featuring strangers who happened to be gorgeous actors instead of strangers with other jobs, steel yourself before watching because this one is also a promo, this time for Showtime's Masters Of Sex

But who cares? It's hot people who don't know each other taking off each other's clothes. That's why we're all here. Press play.

I look forward to Pilieva's next video, "20 Strangers Meet And Immediately Engage In Analingus."

Check out First Kiss if you haven't watched it already. Also check out perhaps the funniest of the First Kiss parodies, First Handjob.

(by Bob Powers)