"Leave message," i.e. "I hate people so much I can't even talk to someone giving me $200K."


"But what's the catch?" is a question no one will have to ask if they want to move into this Ypsilanti, Michigan home. We're assuming it's Ypsilanti, although this person (probably a dude by the handwriting) hates it too much to spell it out. He lays all the problems out on the table: beautiful fall leaves, families with dogs, neighbors who want to talk and get to know you. A veritable hellhole, home to Eastern Michigan Unversity and minutes from the horribly tree-lined and brick-paved cultural cesspool that is Ann Arbor. Why you would want to live in this former manufacturing town with a booming arts scene is beyond us, but it is all yours for the low, low price of two hundred thousand firm, not soft, US dollars.

Sources: Passive-Aggressive Notes