If you locate this address and look at this window, you're technically invited too!

A Redditor posted this image of their next-door-neighbor's window, which counts as both an invitation and an announcement that they have been spying on neighboring offices and determining which occupants are attractive enough to party with (and maybe too attractive to talk to in person).

This is clever, but pretty impersonal. What ever happened to the old days, when if you wanted to invite people from a neighboring office to your party you wrote the time on a brick and threw it through their window? No one makes an effort anymore.

Anyway, the RSVP has been given, as per instructions:

That request to trade pictures could backfire. You should specifically ask for "Face Pictures" or you might see something that makes you reverse that RSVP.


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Redditor cantpickaclevername