How about if you just stand lookout? (Via)

No matter how turned on the sound of their passionate sex-having might get you, there comes a time in every neighborly relationship when you just have to tell the people next door, "Mutually orgasm more quietly as I have work in the morning." These notes do the job with some excellent passive-aggressive sarcasm and even a few brilliant assists from modern technology. (Some images via Passive-Aggressive Notes)


Don't make idle threats. Love is stronger than malice. You will be defeated. (Via)


When you're so loud your neighbors fear you're being careless. Put up a response note asking "Why do you distrust women so?" (Via)


Starting to think these "ask me to join" folks need to be directed to Craigslist. (Via)


Looks like the community board went to the sex shop with some petty cash. (Via)


There's Banksy, and then there's "Bang-Bangsy." (Via)

Updated 2/23/14:

Do you have any lube left? We're making sundaes! (Via)


"Agony?" How lonely are those neighbors? (Via)


 The wall braces it. Otherwise the bed just moves around the room like a bumper car. (Via)


Both are very cathartic. (Via)


Here's hoping they've met by now, and they're making noises of their own. (Via)


Never too soon to learn how it sounds when a woman is being attended to correctly. (Via)


Updated 12/18/13:

He hears you personaly [sic]. This guy is hands on! (Via)

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