I woke up like this. (All images via ABC)

Much has been said about Neil Patrick Harris's childhood nightmare of performing a segment of the Oscars in his underwear. We get it, NPH, you can sing, you're likable, and you're willing to totally embarrass yourself for our amusement. You're great and you have an admirably shiny body.

Mostly, the audience enjoyed the stunt.

Here's David Oyelowo clapping in amusement:

I had a dream I was on stage in my underwear.

And here's Michael Keaton appreciating the comedic nod toward his film:

I wore it better.

But then they cut to Harris's box-watcher, Octavia Spencer...


That's a straight up cringe. No, Patrick, No!

Yes, Octavia, Yes!

While everyone is smiling at the joke and looking up toward his face, Spencer is clearly looking... elsewhere. And she is not impressed.

Poor thing.

You're trying to distract me from watching your box with that?

Take it in. Take it all in.

Here is the whole moment, in case you missed it:


(All images via ABC)