YouTube filmmaking duo The Racka Racka (real-life Australian brothers Michael and Danny Philippou) are back to once again settle the age-old question of which fantasy characters would win in a fight, following their previous epic battle between Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter.

This installment is an ensemble faceoff, featuring the Fellowship of the Ring against the main characters from Game of Thrones. As always, the fight to the death is over the most important thing possible to beings that only exist on-screen: the TV remote. 

Racka Racka does a great job bringing a level of choreographed violence you don't get very often in homemade videos. My only disappointment is a lack of head-crushing, preferably administered by the cave troll lady. Their accents are sort of hard to understand, but there's no mistaking the pitch-perfect heartbreak in the voice of Jorah Mormont saying "Khaleesi."

(by Johnny McNulty)

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