Peep this. 

The final step in the social media evolution is here. First we wrote about wanting friends on LiveJournal. Then we chose who our top eight friends were on MySpace. Next we showed our friends what we ate for lunch on Facebook and Instagram. Now, finally, we can share how much that lunch cost on Peepme. is a new app that allows users to openly post about the crap they bought and how much it cost. It's Pinterest with the price tag. It's Facebook with the pricetag. It's Instagram with the pricetag. Here's the type of stuff that comes up with a quick perusal of public profiles on Peepme:

Snacks (with the price tag)!

Pets (with the price tag)!

Random purchases (with the price tag)!

Expensive random purchases (with the price tag)!

Shoes with weird piles of hair in the background (with the price tag)!

Sometimes you need to know who is spending the most money right away. Not a problem. You can sort through contacts on Peepme by date, views, and, thank corporate Jesus, price. 

Look! My friend Kourtney Kardashian spend a quarter mil on a car!

Of course, I love knowing that my friends are part of a consumerist lifestyle, but the best part of the app, for my money, is the eye icon that you can press to acknowledge that you have seen the post. Finally, the acknowledgment that something occurred in your friend's life without committing to "liking" it. How many times have one of your friends posted about their uncle's death and you want to click "like" to show that you support them in this tough time, but it seems callous to click like on something sad? Peepme's eye icon lets you let your friend know you've seen that they had to buy their uncle a $6,000 coffin without having to say that you liked it.

The video demo for the app doesn't work on the cheap Peepme website, but it can be found on YouTube thanks to Daily App Show.  

Ok, go out there and enjoy Peepme. And don't forget to leave comments on your friend's posts, "Good job spending money!!!"

(by Myka Fox)

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed