Say hello to the brand new, absolutely perfect, and universally loved without qualification redesign of

After around five years, we decided to finally spend some of our vast stores of billions on something. So we asked some Computer People if they would do stuff to our website to make it look pretty, feel new, smell like flowers, and most importantly taste like a candy apple on a crisp October afternoon.

If you poke around the site you'll find:

  • Stuff's bigger. Like the words and the pictures? They're bigger.

  • Everything works better, especially when you're staring at it on your telephone and tablet computer systems.

  • Making your own cards is easier than it's ever been. You'll never have to read the ones we write again!

  • Cards and blog posts are now living in perfect harmony on the someecards homepage. So a card making fun of Justin Bieber getting arrested will probably be right there beside the Happy Place post telling you what he got arrested for. That's convenience and you deserve it.

  • On the whole, your life is going to change for the better. The much better.

The guys at Born & Raised are responsible for the new look and feel. We're glad we met them.


We're still improving stuff and adding things back we shouldn't have gotten rid of, and we'll continue to do so until we're all dead. For now be sure and tell us in the comments how angry you are that a website looks different.