Next stop, Beatdown Boulevard.


"There are eight million stories in the naked city," as the famous quote goes. No one is naked in this one, but it's an epic, NSFW lesson in civility, courtesy of a hoodie-wearing Blue Jays fan, and aimed at a lady who was late to work and complaining about being delayed further by a stop to pick up a handicapped passenger.

As the guy points out at the top of the video, "this is New York, everybody late," himself included. He might even be fired over it. But instead of bitching about it or blaming others, he decided to pass the time by calmly setting the woman straight while entertaining his fellow bus riders.

In the process of delivering a few great lines, the guy manages to deliver some sound commuting advice that more people need to hear: 

- It's not the driver's fault you're late, so don't be mad at him.

- No one chooses to be handicapped, so don't be mad at them.

- Don't fuck everybody else's day up because you're angry about your bullshit-ass job.

And most importantly...

- If you can't afford to be late to work, wake your ass up earlier and put the dumplings down.

Sources: Daily of the Day