More reasons to skip the gym today.

Vogue Russia

A lot of women like the skinny dude look, but Adam Levine took it too far when he cut himself in half!

Not only does Photoshop create unrealistic standards of beauty that none of us can ever hope to meet (not even the models themselves) it also creates nightmare images you will never be able to forget. The human body wasn't meant to be warped, stretched, smoothed, chopped up and rearranged. Not even images of the human body deserve that. If you truly love fashion, and are flipping through the pages of Vogue for something to aspire to, you still probably don't want to look like you've been maimed. Here's a bunch of Photoshop FAILS that will make you appreciate the body you've got, flaws and all.

GQ Mexico

"It's a bit nippy in here, just not on my actual breasts."


"Here's the pitch: Kate Walsh plays a Bad Judge, struggling to support herself on a much smaller woman's legs."


Oh no, someone stole your belly button!


I think we've cracked the case...

What a waist.


Or maybe putting an arm across your belly is a natural slimming illusion for the top third of your torso?

Ralph Lauren

Because everyone wants a God-given itty bitty waistline, just like this elegantly slender model on the left. Nothing uncanny valley-ish about her at all.


Claire Danes is so in love she's fading away, starting with her right leg.

There's actually a leg loss epidemic:




And creeper hands sneaking in all over the place:




Of course, Beyoncé gets a whole arm.

Then there's just the generally terrifying:


"My jaw fell off from laughing so hard."


Surprise, you're haunted!


Gwyneth Paltrow "simplifies everything," but how her face connects to her neck seems hopelessly complicated.



Well, hey, this lady looks almost normal. It's her bathing suit that's making all of our bathing suits feel like they'll never measure up.