I would still pay to look at this dog. (Via The Local)

If you're some stupid kid in Italy, you might not notice that this is not a panda.


But the cops noticed. Even though these crafty Italians did an excellent fur-dye-job on these Chow dogs, I'm pretty sure you can't just run around with endangered species all the time. Especially not the cute ones. Pandas are only to either miraculously exist in the wild, or be paid for by zoos and then forced to procreate for our entertainment. And that's it! No circuses.

Just in case you think that dog was a panda, here's a picture of a real panda masturbating, for reference:

Now that's what I call a panda! (Via Shanghaiist)

According to The Local, the proprietors of the faux panda circus are being brought up on charges of cheating its customers, and also for falsifying the dog's passports. I didn't know dogs got passports.

The Italian papers got hold of this story and tweeted a great picture of the dogs walking around groomed as the rare bears.

Translated into English, it barely makes more sense: "Dogs rigged panda: blitz of Forestry at the circus Orfei."

The dogs have been confiscated and found to have "watery eyes" from having so many pictures taken.

Perhaps this reaction to photography explains Kim Kardashian's trademarked blank stare.

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