It's still like a fairy tale. But like one of those old ones where everyone dies at the end.

"Enjoy the bath, babe. I'm going to literally throw you on the street after."
(via "It Must've Been Love" on YouTube)

Everybody's talking today about how the original ending to Pretty Woman was super dark. But that's not really the case — the real story is that screenwriter Jonathan Lawton originally wrote a much grittier, more depressing script called $3,000 that, through rewrites, eventually became Pretty Woman. Lawton recently said of the script in a Vanity Fair interview:

I was a screenwriter who was trying to get a job, I was unemployed and I was working in post-production and I was trying to sell scripts, and I had been writing all of these ninja scripts and comedies, and I just couldn't get any attention. I suddenly said, "Well, maybe I need to do something more serious and dramatic."

How serious and dramatic? Well, here's a selection from the beginning of the film:

Aw, Julia Roberts! You're so quirky and down on your luck. (via $3,000)

And did the ending look like this?

Hello! Gere's here! (via "It Must've Been Love" on YouTube)

Not quite:

A regular Cinderella story. (via $3,000)


I hope there's also an original Dirty Dancing script out there that ended with Baby dad's hitting Johnny with a car.

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