Ryan Gosling might approve this message?

A pro-Obamacare group in Colorado is trying to reach millennials by implying that they're a bunch of alcoholic sex addicts. The ads, from ProgressNow Colorado and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, depict young people excited about gettin' them some free birth control pills so they can start having reckless sex with hot guys they just met and cardboard cutouts of Ryan Gosling. I'm most offended by the implication that parodies of "got milk?" ads are still relevant. But understandably, some people are more offended by the suggestion that young women are only interested in sex, and young men are only interested in beer, and that anyone would ever wear any of these outfits.


It's pretty much essential that young people sign up for Obamacare in order for the whole system to work. Young, healthy people who don't get expensive diseases help offset the costs for old, sick people. Of course, if those young, healthy people are contracting STDs, getting pregnant, and destroying their livers, they're going to be very expensive patients someday. But by then, there will be new healthy young people to cover their costs. It's the circle of health insurance!

While these ads have nothing to do with the national campaign, it seems like Obama's team could probably make some much better ads for millennials themselves, considering their ability to reach millennials with their campaign materials and savvy social media strategy has been touted again and again. But just like every aspect of the Obamacare rollout, these ads are crappy, ineffective, and look like they were designed by a high school student for a class project. Come on, Dems. You're making us look like a bunch of Republicans!

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