"Sandwich Van?" Not sure what sexual position that's a euphemism for but sign us up.

There's a receptionist at a Scottish oil company who's engaged to another employee of that oil company, and these two employees/lovebirds enjoy keeping a running email thread where they tell each other how much they would prefer to be inside each other instead of sitting at their respective desks. Yesterday the receptionist saw the sandwich van had arrived, and she must have forgotten she was about to add a new entry to the "Why won't work just stop so we can go home and bone" conversation because she used that same thread to alert the whole entire office to the arrival of said sandwich van. Or she meant only to tell her fiance and accidentally typed "whole entire office" into the address field. Either way, the whole entire office now knows that she was very, very wet on Wednesday night, as does the entire Internet since it immediately went viral on Twitter with the hashtag #sandwichvan. Another there-but-for-the-grace-of-God reminder to check your address fields if you don't want to make public your mushy, engaged-people filth (and some boring wedding planning). Check the full thread below:



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