This man's Go-Pro video of his desk job will make your heart beat at a very steady rate.

Go-Pro's tagline is "be a hero" which is the prefect description of the man who made this video. He broke the mold. He traversed uncharted territory. He challenged the norm. In this case, "the norm" means using your Go-Pro to film exhilarating stunts and outdoor activities (or animal viewpoints). This man was brave enough to use a Go-Pro like it's never been used before: to document a day at his monotonous desk job.

The most impressive part of this video is how much he accomplished in one day. Do you do complete even half as many tasks in a day as this guy? He did all these things and more:

1. Stuffed a stack of letters like a pro.
2. Wasted very little time online.
3. Multi-tasked on the toilet.
4. Used ALL FUNCTIONS of a combined copy/fax/scanning machine.
5. Pen tricks!


I bet we'd all get a lot more done at our mind-numbing office jobs if we blasted the awesome techno soundtrack from this video.

Sources: YouTube