ClickHole included a fake quote from Crowe in their daily "They Said What?!" feature, and Crowe proved that he has no idea what Internet humor is.

"What the shit is a ClickHole?" (via Getty Images/ClickHole)

Welcome to The Internet, Old Man Crowe! I think you're gonna like it here. There's just one thing about it that you should know — people don't always tell the truth! In fact, sometimes they purposely write fake things for humor purposes, and put them on sites full of fake things written for humor. It's wacky! Like, take this for example:

See? It's funny because it's obviously not true! (via ClickHole)

That's a fake quote from you, Russell Crowe, published on well-known Internet satire site ClickHole, which was created by the even-more-well-known news satire site, The Onion. Oh, what's that? You already saw it and thought somebody was actually misquoting you?

Yeaaaah, that's not the right response. (via Jezebel/Twitter)

Oh, and you also hastily deleted that Tweet to try to hide the fact that you can't tell when someone is telling a joke? Hey, don't worry man — it happens to the best of us. Or at least to members of the media in China.


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