OK, I'll watch this. (via OK Go)

Sometimes when you look back on a relationship after it ends, it is obvious why things didn't work out. You are a loving and trusting person, and he is a lying demon intent on ruining your life. 

But when you're still in it, your mind puts the pieces together so that it looks like the two of you fit. It's like an optical illusion, what you thought was there never really was. You wanted to believe that he loved you, but really, he was just a bored narcissist who needed attention and once he drained you of it he was done. That's the idea OK Go is going for with the music video for their new track "The Writing on the Wall."

The song is about a pre-breakup couple who see things differently and can't seem to communicate. To illustrate the idea, the video channels Felice Varini's and Salvado Dali's art. According to Rolling Stone, the video took "nearly three weeks to assemble and 50 takes to get it right."

Watch the video and then try not to look at life as though everything you ever said to me was a lie, Jonathan!

Ahh, that was great. Sometimes you have to try something 50 times before it works. Don't give up on us, Jonathan. I still love you. 


(by Myka Fox)

Sources: Rolling Stone | h/t Gawker