Unfortunately, this isn't a trailer for a new Stephen King TV movie.


This cloud hovering near Barcelona, Spain today definitely does not have a silver lining. That's a good thing, because this orange toxic cloud was formed when nitric acid and ferric chloride were accidentally mixed and exploded. Nitric acid, obviously, is an acid and ferric chloride is...also an acid, used to rip apart sewage at a molecular level. Adding silver to the mix would just create fun new poisons.

The cloud led authorities to order 40,000 residents of the Catalonian towns of Igualada and Odena to stay indoors. According to reports, the accident that formed the cloud occurred while crews unloading chemicals at a warehouse for Simar, a chemical distribution company. Two people were slightly injured in the accident.

The cloud has since begun to dissipate and is now more of a "fine mist," which is not scarier at all. Just a fine mist settling down and covering everything with a rust-bleach acid dew. Yum.

So, basically, your commute this morning wasn't that bad. Y'know, because you weren't being menaced by a giant cloud of angry sewage-treatment chemicals.

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