Not quite sure why 178 people felt the need to reply "maybe." (via Facebook)

It's an international love story, and you have the power to ensure it has a happy—or at the very least public—ending. Last New Year's Eve, Reese McKee of New Zealand was celebrating with friends in Hong Kong. He wandered outside and was admiring the lights when he saw a woman crying on the side of the road. "I went and tried to help her out," McKee told the New Zealand Herald. "She was lost. She'd lost all her friends."

"I just cheered her up," he added. "I sort of have this undeniably bad sense of humour that no one can resist laughing at." (He did not add, "#humblebrag.") In any case, McKee and the girl spent the next few hours together, dancing and having fun (and eventually finding her lame disappearing friends) until 6 a.m. At the end of the night, the girl, who apparently thinks life is one big romantic comedy, told Reese, "Find me."

Reese didn't do a whole lot of searching for a while, but as the one-year anniversary of their meeting approached, he decided to try Facebook. So he threw a Hail Mary and set up a Facebook event called A New Years Promise.

Here's Reese's list of the four tiny pieces of information he has to go on:

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So, without further ado, here's Katie:

Do you know where this woman is desperately trying to hide from a guy she met once?
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Is she you? Are you her? Aren't we all her in a way? Yes, but that's not especially helpful.

Anyway, we thought the story ended there. When suddenly—plot twist! Here's what James Corrin, a friend (enemy?!) of Reese, posted to the page:

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Erika?! Who the f*** is Erika?!!?! Did that a-hole Reese cheat on Erika? Did he cheat on her with Katie? OMFG. Because I was already thinking Reese seems a little narcissistic. It would not surprise me one bit if Reese was just trying to get attention with this whole Katie search thing, and/or trying to make Erika jealous. Well, too bad, Reese. Erika is so over you. And she is too good for you. Just look at her beautiful back:

#TeamErika (via Facebook)

She's turned away from you, Reese. She's starting a new life in Italy, where the air is clear and the men are way more tan than you.

Anyway, Reese replied to James's comment and tried to be gracious about it, but honestly, our opinion of Reese is ruined.

Well, we're feeling a little jaded right now, and can't help wondering if this will all turn out to be an ad for Hong Kong's tourism bureau or some kind of facial recognition software or, I dunno, the Last Name Usage Society. But here's hoping it not only is real but Reese finds his Katie, and she's pregnant with some other guy's kid or whatever. That would be entertaining.

(by Shira Rachel Danan)

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