Everyone loves a good Internet rage mob. Unfortunately, unless you read Salon on a daily basis, it's not always easy to find that just right minor hullabaloo that will offend you to your absolute core. To help out, here's a guide to what the Internet's getting pissed off at this week.


1. Target photoshopped a huge chunk of crotch out of a bikini model to achieve maximum "thigh gap."

As Johnny McNulty expertly reported, Target has escalated their hunt for that ever-elusive "thigh gap" to a level of Cronenberg-ian madness. Every clothier knows the girls of today are being taught to hate themselves at a fast increasing rate, and the only way to make some money off that hate is to sell them bodies they can't have. Not content with simply adding white space in between the legs of a catalog model for one of their juniors swimsuits, Target decided to up the ante and throw in a little "crotch gap." They photoshopped out just an inch or so of the model's crotch, seizing on a whole new part of the body that young girls are supposed to think they have too much of. This is how they stay on top.