Look out, dinosaurs. He's coming to get you. (Via)

In the fiction of the future, there will be no guns. All the authors that want to write about guns will have been arrested. It is possible they might then turn to a life of crime after having been denied a proper education, but don't worry, they won't write about guns. 


Alex Stone is a 16-year-old Summerville High school 9th grader who just got arrested because he wrote about killing a dinosaur with a gun. He was given an assignment to write a "fake" Facebook status. Stone wrote, "I killed my neighbor's pet dinosaur," and then in the next status he wrote, "I bought the gun to take care of the business." 

And then the school called the cops on him. They came to his school to search his book bag and locker and -- shockingly -- they didn't find a gun. Or a dead dinosaur. 

They arrested him anyway, and the school suspended him. Why? Because he wrote the word gun? Or because the term "take care of business" is threatening? The only problem with writing "take care of business" in a creative writing assigment is that it is a cliche and he should really be encouraged to be more creative than that. 

Alex told Live 5 News that "his statements were taken completely out of context."

Yeah, well the first tip that this was out of context could have been the dinosaur victim. Nothing is more out of context than something that has been extinct for millions of years. 

Sources: Live 5 News | h/t Death and Taxes