Your head will spin 270 degrees when you see this unique venue!

Don't ask for my number. I just came here to relax. (Stock Photo)


New York may have a cat cafe and a broth bar, but as of next month, London is the weird restaurant town to beat. That's because, for one week only, a pop-up bar called Annie the Owl will open in Soho, featuring artisanal cocktails and live owls for your entertainment.

Say whaaaat? (via Giphy)

Admission is £20, and comes with two drinks and "two hours of this unique owl indulgence." What's more, all that money goes to The Barn Owl Centre, a charity that has provided the owls for the bar. And what a selection of owls it is! Check out some of these A-list raptors:

Annie, the quiet one (via Annie the Owl)

Darwin, the smart one (via Annie the Owl)

Winston, the cute one (via Annie the Owl)

Hootie*, the one in the Owl Protection Program (via Annie the Owl)

And those are just the first four! There are many more owls to enjoy (two). The bar has already attracted a lot of interest and will be gone after a week, so management has set up a ballot system for reservations. If you're going to be in London and want to live out your Harry Potter fantasy for a couple hours, head over the the Annie the Owl website to put your name in the hat. You may be lucky!

And don't worry, a trained falconer will be on hand to prevent anyone from getting clawed in the face. By the birds, anyway. You never know what one of the other patrons might do after a few too many owltinis.

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