When Oregon man Jacob Fry lost his license, he figured it was gone forever. Then, a few days later, he received the license in the mail along with this letter:


The letter was from Steven Cruthirds, an 11-year-old boy with autism. Steven explained that he'd found Jacob's license on the street and thought returning it would be "the nice thing to do."  

He asked that Jacob simply pay the good deed forward, but Jacob wanted to reward the kid's act of kindness. So Jacob contacted Steven's family to see if it would be okay to give Steven some Legos. The two met and quickly became friends. Jacob also set up an online fund to help raise $1,000 for Steven to do whatever he likes with. 

Steven's thoughtful action came from a place of concern. If Jacob didn't get his license back, "He'd have to go on the bus. And no one likes the bus," Steven told ABC affiliate KDRV

Sources: redditor level1biscuit | KDRV ABC12