Except a restaurant will serve alcohol to make this tolerable. (Via)

It's okay to hate the Facebook couple. In fact, it's human nature. A recent study found that people who are vocal about their committed relationships on Facebook are liked the least by others. So not only is it a common reaction to be irritated or grossed out by Facebook PDA, science proves that it's downright inevitable. So if you want to be liked on Facebook, here are 17 couples you should try not to emulate.


In this case "Yolo" means "I 100% agree with your observation concerning my maturity." (Via)

Aw, you guys make the cutest mistake. I mean, couple. Cutest couple! (Via)

Yes, even forbidden lovers are irritating. (Via)

Hope they can make it past that 7-day itch. (Via)

He only "sticks" it in when he's in love. (Via)

Gee. You guys have such a close bond it's like you don't even need Facebook. (HINT HINT!) (Via)

Some volatile trading in today's Who Loves Who More market. Hopefully tomorrow will be less nauseating. (Via)

Single people should be allowed one scot-free murder of a couple in love. Just one. Just to get it out of their systems. (Via)

Get a room! Or better yet, get a phone that texts!

Even James Cameron would side with Steven in this instance. (Via

Nightly pee break? Get that checked out. Also, ew. (Via)

Franklin, if you need help and you're afraid to say so, poke twice. (Via)

Um, she took the extra L for her love? Kind of want to friend Kristin just to unfriend her. (Via)