Jennifer Maldonado's new coworkers are way cooler coworkers than your coworkers.

Maldonado, two weeks into her admin assistant job at Keller Williams Partner Realty in Plantation, FL, was the only one who didn't contribute to the office Powerball pool. She hadn't gotten her first paycheck yet so she wisely chose against throwing away money she didn't have gambling on astronomical odds. Her superior offered to loan her the twenty bucks, but Maldonado, having the social wherewithal to not borrow money from your boss two weeks into the job, passed. 

So when Maldonado showed up to work this past Sunday and saw everyone celebrating their million-doilar win, she at first thought her new coworkers were just being dicks. 

“I knew I was the only one who hadn’t put in the money," Maldonado told The Miami Herald. "So I thought they were pranking me and going out of their way to make me feel something."

That something was hope for humanity, because the winning coworkers agreed to pitch in and share some of their winnings (around $80K per person) with Maldonado. 


The only time we've ever played the lotto was in office pools, because the astronomical chance that all of our most despised coworkers would be able to quit their jobs while we went on living a lifetime in a cube was strong enough to force a twenty out of our wallets. But now we'll never chip in to a lotto pool again because everyone's as cool as the folks at Keller Williams, right? Right?

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