It looks like a penis. This is comical. Now you know. (image via BuzzFeed)

Above is a photo of the circumcised penis that is the headquarters of The People's Daily, the Chinese communist propaganda newspaper. It was built based on the winning design from the 2009 contest Make Our Newspaper Building Look Like Male Genitalia. Lots of people in China think it looks silly too, and are referring to it on social media site Weibo as "Raping People Daily," which is an excellent use of a rape joke to make a point about freedom of the press and buildings that look like dicks. China can't censor buildings, so they just decided to ban the search terms "People's Daily" and "building" on Weibo.

Naturally, people decided to photoshop it having sex with other Chinese buildings (that don't look nearly as much like vaginas):


The world isn't ready for a vagina-shaped building. Nor are the laws of physics.
(image via BuzzFeed)

Sources: BuzzFeed