Jenny is unpopular because her parents can't afford to get her the newest turkey sandwich.

Forget taking photos of athletes and replacing their sports balls with kittens. Screw taking shots from action movies and TV and replacing all the guns with a thumbs up. The only photoshopping-something-over-something-else fad you should even be thinking about is cellphones replaced with sandwiches. Started over on a Tumblr (sorry, we mean Yahoo's Tumblr(TM)) aptly named PhonesReplacedWithSandwiches, the photos took off on Reddit and now they are important because the whole world is bored. Check out more below!

Oh my god! I can't believe my favorite band is looking at my sandwich!

Back in our day, a sandwich was something that plugged into the wall!


All glory to the Hypno-McRib.


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