An unflinching portrait of the artist. (via)

At first glance, it's easy to file this collection of photographs in the "what the hell is wrong with people" mental folder most of us have. But there's something about this photo series, simply titled Stuff Being Thrown at My Head, that is oddly fascinating. There are thousands of images online of random bros being beaned in the noggin by a friend as a goof, but what sets these pictures apart is the casual attitude of the subject, artist Kaija Straumanis, as the objects make impact with her presumably thick skull.

According to her Flickr, Kaija claims some of the images have meaning. Like an ice scraper hitting her head represents the sudden onset of winter. Others are simply props, like a drinking glass colliding with the side of her head, which was result of a random kitchen accident that she thought would make for a dramatic photo.

The album was posted to reddit and has since taken off, which must be exciting for a young artist. Let's just hope the sudden success doesn't go to her head.


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