"We live under power lines!"

Like plastic surgery, photo manipulation is just another increasingly common tool in our never-ending quest for physical perfection. And, also like plastic surgery, when it's applied too much, or by someone who has no idea what they're doing, it can go extremely, hideously wrong. Here are some examples of the Photoshop equivalent of a back-alley Mexican botox job. 


We assume this is an ad for a cream that makes your forearms invisible, except for their shadows.


Models are like sisters. Sometimes they even share legs.


What, you don't walk around with a disembodied female hand wrapped around your bicep? It's the latest thing. For serial killers.


She had a disagreement with her right leg and now they can't even look at each other.


This would not make us hesitate one second from having sex with Marissa Miller.


Guess we'd better see if her belly button is hiding somewhere under those clothes.


"YOU get a boob-hand! And YOU get a boob-hand! EVERYONE GETS A BOOB-HAAAAAAAAND!!"


Loneliness is the least of this woman's problems.


It's the hand of the lady who was on the motorcycle with him. Safety first, kids.


She's leaning on that piece of furniture so she doesn't snap in half like a twig.



This fall, Rebecca Romijn in, Ghost Thigh.

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