"Crap, I accidentally got on the downtown platform. No problem!" (Alan Ying / 43 Magazine)

Before you ask, yes, this is real. It's hard to say who's crazier here, the skateboarder or the photographer. We'll give it to the skater since he could potentially get knocked unconscious and fall into the tracks, but still, that photographer is standing on the tracks.The name of the skateboarder is Koki, apparently, and the photographer is Alan Ying, editor of the skateboarding magazine 43 (presumably not a reference to George W. Bush's mad skills). Ying says this was taken very late at night and he's facing the direction any train would be coming from, but that still doesn't stop it from being slightly terrifying. Even more incredibly, there was apparently more than one try. We can't pretend to consider this an act of intelligence, but we can say it's really, really badass.

Sources: 43 | New York Magazine