Never underestimate the heart of a loser. (via)

Anyone in a fantasy football league knows that winning is a big deal. Losing, however, is usually pretty easy. You're out a hundred bucks or so, which seems like a small price to pay for something that can make a game between the Browns and the Jaguars feel like the Super Bowl. That's the point of most fantasy leagues.

Some leagues, though, take winning and losing seriously, like the league that Instagram user allstern is in. I don't know what the winner received, but the cost of coming in last place was making a calendar with recreations of iconic pop culture moments featuring allstern.

I know it's supposed to be a punishment of sorts, but the end result is so spectacular, it might encourage tanking.

Of course there's Miley, because Photoshop probably has a Wrecking Ball filter at this point.

The Prince Fielder tribute is a Grand Slam (breakfast).

This one is so natural, it looks like he could've taken it years ago.

Some like it hot. Some prefer this.

Looks like it'll be a long, awkward June for everyone in his league.

Better luck next year, dude. And thanks for losing like a champ.

You can see the rest of the calendar here.

(by Jonathan Corbett)


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