Two seriously homoerotic tortoises.

Gather 'round, children, and I'll tell you the story of how respected British actor Benedict Cumberbatch decided to go for a bracing dip in the cool ocean waters of California and ended up chilling on a beach as human-tortoise hybrid (along with his Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman, for some reason). And as a dinosaur. And a thumb. And a... Well, a bunch of stuff. But we'll get to that.

It all started when some paparazzo caught this rather ubiquitous image of the shirtless dripping thespian in Los Angeles:

You may have seen this photo on your co-worker's cubicle wall. (via The Sun)

Eventually, some bored person opted, for reasons unknown, to summon up his dark Photoshop powers to extend Cumberbatch's neck and stick him mostly underwater. Like this:

The Strange Case of the Randomly Submerged Body.

That made the Internet rounds for a while, until someone who goes by the handle I_REMOVE_COCKS found the strikingly bizarre image and decided to post it to reddit's photoshopbattles forum, which is technically against the rules. You're really not supposed to post previously altered images there—that takes some of the fun out of photoshopping things—but I_REMOVE_COCKS probably didn't realize it was a fake, so, what are you gonna do.

Anyway, once it was on r/photoshopbattles, all hell broke loose:

This is a bit less NSFW than the appendage image from reddit I initially wanted to use. 

When brontosaurons walked the Middle Earth.

I can't beat this reddit comment: "The Sherloch-Ness monster!"

Preparing for his role as the voice of Smaug.

You can go to reddit to see a whole (Cumber)batch of other such images.

(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: redditor I_REMOVE_COCKS